Use of RFID technology in garbage collection like jabalpur garbage collection model.

To keep accountability n Green cleaner pune n smart city we need to bring RFID technology for daily door to door garbage collection just like jabalpur municipal Corporation is doing in its city. Every house, building, schools, hospital will have small RFID chip attached outside house or on Entrance gate. When after PMC worker collect garbage he/she will scan the RFID chip present attached on outside wall of house with RFID scanning device. The devices will be connected to command control centre through internet on server present in command control centre which will receive info. about particular area garbage collection(whether collected or not), if collected green tick will appear on digital area map in command control room, if not municipal officers will know about it and can take necessary action. Also,Even citizens will get daily message on swachta App about whether their garbage collected or not as soon as RFID is scanned by PMC worker. This is implemented in jabalpur there is also YouTube video about it just type "jabalpur RFID" On YouTube the video has explained perfectly. Pls consider this proposal as pan city approach to make pune cleanest city in Maharashtra n eventually in pune
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