Pune E-Card Service for "CASHLESS" Corporations Transaction

Concept of E-Card: A common monetary card like ATM Card through which all the transaction related to Corporations(PMC & PCMC) can be made "CASHLESS". A Common card for all transactions. How it should work: A citizen of Pune should apply for this E-Card by providing necessary ID proof (Adhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License or Anyother government approved ID proof of his/her), than he/she will be provided with an E-card like ATM card and its associated Account/Wallet Number. Now like PAYTM, FreeCharge wallets, A person can load required amount to his/her E-Card through their Bank Account and the same can be used across all corporation services where fees/charges are required to pay by citizen for availing it. Following are the some of the Services and respective benefits: 1. Transportation Dept: All the transportation mode of Pune Corporations like PMPLM, Metro etc. can use this cashless transaction facility for tickets. Benefit from this will be no more cash change(Chute Paise) issue for ticket conductors and passengers, Faster transaction time, Calculating and auditing of total revenue made become faster and easier for transportation body. 2. All the Fees of Certificate Sections like Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc. can be made through this. 3. Entrance Fee: Entrance fees of Corporation Institutes, Zoo’s, Park’s, Events can be made through this E-Card. 4. TAX submitting: Charges of TAX’s can be made. 5. Penalties: Any penalty(traffic violation, domestic violation etc.) made by citizen and its charge can be paid through this E-Card Facility Over All Benefits: 1. Less Transaction Time 2. Safe Transaction 3. Reports(Revenue,citizen interest) of various of governing bodies can be generated easily. 4. Citizen can understand the expense made for various gov.body by viewing Transaction statements. 5. A Required move to “Digital India – Digital Pune (Smart City)”. Thanks & Regards, Anish Pillai
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