Foot over bridge with elevator

I have many times earlier tried to reach PMC on issue of crossing road at Utsav hotel Chowk ( near city pride multiplex, Pune satara road). As we know the road is having very high flow of traffic at all hours of the day due to its connectivity. This area consists of hospitals, orthopaedic doctors, hotels, medical outlets, Multiplex, etc. Everytime we cross the road we have to fear that Car/bus/bike may hit us (as can be seen in cameras installed, all classes of people are too lazy to follow traffic rules). Even youngsters like me are frightened to cross road here, so we can imagine elderly and senior citizen people what they must be going through. So I urge Respected Mayor of Pune, PMC officials, corporates & related officials to build Foot over bridge with elevator (for senior citizens), like I observed is built near (mrutyunjeswar mandir, Karve road) on priority. It will help many citizens of Pune for sure.
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