Traffik problem is worst in hadapsar

1. माळवाडी येथे रास्ता अरुंद , वाहतूक जास्त, खड्डेमय रास्ता यातून मार्ग काढता काढता खूप त्रास होतो .. शिवाय बेशिस्त दुहेरी वाहतूक ... यामुळे प्रचंड वाहतूक कोंडी होत आहे .. येथे वाहतूक पोलीस नेमावा तसेच इथे एकेरी वाहतूक करावी ..

2.हडपसर गावातील दत्त मंदिराचा समोर देखील खूप वाहतुकीची वर्दळ असते. मगर अली तुन येणाऱ्या गाड्याना ससाणे नगर ला येण्यासाठी दत्त मंदिरासमोर ससाणे नगर वरून येणाऱ्या गाड्या व हडपसर गावातून येणाऱ्या गाड्या यांच्यातून रोड क्रॉस करावा लागतो. त्यामुळे संध्याकाळची खूप ट्राफिक होते. शिवाय या पॉईंटला यामुळे accidents होतात..

स्मिता गायकवाड
प्रतिक्रिया द्या
23 Sep 2018 02:15 AM
It is not only in hadapsar its upto mantarwadi chowk
13 Oct 2018 02:03 PM
Mohammadwadi Po road is very narrow bwith no lane or pavement... Maximum school bus goes from hrre
02 Nov 2018 02:15 PM
खड्ड्यांची तक्रार इथे अँप वर करा
09 Nov 2018 09:08 PM
Same issue with Handewadi Road as well it’s narrow and no traffic police to manage traffic at railway crossing even if they are there they don’t stop people coming from wrong side
12 Feb 2019 11:30 PM
Traffic police also fed-up with that crossing like us.
Atleast we can cross the railway crossing in one hour but traffice police has to stay there for 8 hrs in noice and air polluted area after all they are also human being.
One way is not working and will not work as for 5 min travel one has to travel for 1 hr
This is the failure of PMC and polititians.
31 Jan 2020 03:41 PM
Sasane nagar and kale padal railway crossing traffic is worst. Also there is lot of encroachment and still no action by authority. Don't know what corporators are doing
10 Mar 2020 10:08 AM
That's true.. Police kahi krt nahi sasanenagar to railway crossing pryant khup traffic aste
19 Nov 2018 03:42 PM
Malwadi from back gate of Amonara to Keshav Chowk the road condition is very bad, mostly commuters from solapur road, Manjri, Shevalwadi & Amonara, Malwadi are working poeple for ( Magarpatta, EON Kharadi, Yerwada, Vimannagar & Koregaon Park) travels from same route (DP road to Suzlon Back entrance to amonara mall back gate) During office timings its too crowded which results 'Bottle Neck" at Amonara Mall both entrance. Its time to change or create new route from malwadi to amanora road.
28 Dec 2018 01:55 PM
I agree with you all and happy to see few fellows from community to raise voice . Tupe Patil/ MAlwadi road is very narrow from yash hospital to nectar hospital in Sade satra nali. Lot of encroachment by shop keepers and road is used to park heavy vehicles.Also, I kind of feel stuck after buying own house in highly polluted area of Pune. Big mistake..! New buyers should consider going better administered areas. Any civil issue you can think of, is present in this region. Worst thing is, we use mall's private road to reach home.
02 Mar 2019 05:53 PM
DP Road from Kubera Sankul upto Kumar Picasso dug up on both side. Only patch work down to fill tranches. Dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. Need recarpeting. Shops opposite Mango One have enchroxhed upon roads Footpaths are enchanted as well. Need attention from authorities.
16 Aug 2019 07:47 PM
Ho ha problem kami hou shakto,me pahila ahe ithe kontech traffic rule konich follow karat nahi,konihi kasehi kuthehi ghusat aste
Ka tar tithe traffic polica che niyantran naste
Jar police tithe swata astil TR konach daring karnar nahi

Evdhe jari zal tari hadapsar Cha 50% problem solve hou shakto
02 Jan 2020 09:55 PM
Keshavnagar Hadapsar road near suzlon is encroached by shop owners and other side is taken by vehicle parked by people.
07 Jan 2020 07:09 PM
सामान्य माणसांच्या तक्रारी ऐकायला अधिकारी वर्गाला time नाहीये.. एखाद्या पुढारीचे काम सुट्टी च्या दिवशी पण लक्ष घालतील....... शोकांतिका
10 Mar 2020 10:06 AM

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